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 Free Fall Pond Shutdown Seminar – Encore Is your pond ready for winter? Let us take you through all the steps of winterizing your pond in our FREE Pond Shutdown Seminar!

New Products

New at Pisces Pet Emporium! We are constantly bringing in new pet products to ensure that you have the best selection in the city. Here are some of the newest products we have in store!

Newly Arrived

Check out our newest livestock arrivals. Pisces frequently receives new livestock shipments, check here for our most recent selections. For the most up-to-date information, give us a call.

Aquarium Care

In order to assist you in maintaiming a healthy environment for your tropical fish, we provide a complimentary water test. Visit our Aquarium Care page for more information on how we can help.

Pond Care

Pisces Pet Emporium has availabe for rent a POND-O-VAC.  For a deposit and a daily fee, you can come and rent the POND-O VAC to help maintain the health of your pond and during preparation for winter.  Fees are as follows:

Bird Care

Did you know that Pisces Pet Emporium will clip your bird’s wings and toenails for free?  Just call us at the store and book an appointment. Please keep in mind that appointment times are limited to certain weekdays only.

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Winterizing Your Pond

You feel that? That extra little chill every time the wind blows? Maybe it’s the nice layer of frost you’re greeted with every morning? Regardless of how you look it, there are reminders everywhere… winter is coming.

Upcoming Events

2015 October Marine Seminar

Have you always wanted a Nemo of your very own? Join us for a FREE Marine Seminar right here at Pisces Pet Emporium! Join Norm as takes you through everything you need to  set up and maintain your very own chunk of the ocean. Space is limited so signup online or in store to reserve your […]

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Pond Shut Down Seminar ENCORE

One last opportunity to attend Pisces’ Pond Shutdown Seminar! Get your pond ready for the winter season! Join our pond expert – Norm as he takes you through all the steps to get your pond winterized. This free seminar will teach you how to clean, maintain, and prepare your pond and pond equipment for the […]

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Featured Products

wild calling salmon

Product Feature – Wild Calling Wet Cat Food

Cats are some of our closest companions. They are the most popular house pet in the world and it’s no surprise as to why: they are playful, cuddly, and super-entertaining. All pet owners want to provide the best care that they can for their furry friends, and part of this is what you feed them. […]

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spin stream

Product Feature – Spin Stream

This week’s featured product – the Spin Stream, comes from our friends at Innovative Marine and is a must-have add on for any aquarium hobbyist. In the ocean and other natural bodies of water, there are currents that move water.

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