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Welcome to the Bird Department of Pisces Pet Emporium.

Check us out for an extensive variety of birds and bird supplies. We carry all types of pet birds from Budgies, Finches and Canaries to large Parrots and hand-raised baby birds.

Our selection of exotic finches include: Gouldians, Strawberries, Lavenders, Societies, Mannikins and many more! Many of these can be seen nesting in our display aviary.

We also carry the world's finest singers - Canaries. The Rollers and Timbrados are seasonally available.

 Captive, hand raised baby parrots are sometimes available in our baby bird section. At times, we will carry baby African Greys, Cockatoos, Amazons and more. Check out our full, current selection of parrots and other large birds in our new companions section today!

Proper nests and nesting materials are essential to smaller birds like finches, and a large selection of everything you need to make a great nest can be found at Pisces!

  Check out our bulk bird food section, where you can find custom mixed seeds or blend your own. For the pre-packaged bird food fans, we carry a large selection of fine bird food and treats as well. In addition, we carry egg food and universal insect mixes, which are
 known to encourage mating and nesting of exotic finches.

A full line of quality vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as a comprehensive line of medications for promoting bird health and happiness, are also available at Pisces.

We have a vast array of unique and standard bird toys and cages that can keep your best friends entertained while you're away. Unique European cages as well as the basics are our specialty! We even carry a large selection of starter kits that include all the basics to get your bird started off right! We proudly have one of the largest bird cage selections in North America!

We carry all the products you need, from brands you trust, like Hagen, Sun Seed, Living World, Kaytee, JW, Super Bird Creations, and many more!

Many supplies and services accompany our birds. Wing clipping and nail trimming is available for FREE! Book an appointment today!

At Pisces, we have knowledgeable and experienced pet counsellors who can answer any questions you may have about birds, from keeping your feathered friends happy to getting some information about breeding and nesting. We're here to help you out!

Come in and visit with us today!