Check out Pisces’ newest bird arrivals! Be sure to check back soon as we have some exciting exotic species on the way!
Updated: July 20th, 2016
Please call for most up-to-date selection of livestock.

Olive Green Lineolated Parakeet (Linnie)

Olive Green Lineolated Parakeet

Rosy Bourke Parakeets

Rosy Bourke Parakeet

Button Quails

Button Quails

Pastel Blue Lacewing Parrotlet

Pastel Blue LaceWing Parrotlet

Owl Finches

Owl Finch

Lavender Finches

Lavender Finch

Green Back Twin Spot Finch

Green Back Twin Spot Finch

Yellow Kakariki

Yellow Kakariki

Star Finches

Star Finch


Pisces almost always has a variety of different coloured budgerigars.


Assorted Finches

Our great selection of finches is update very often. Give us a call for the most up-to-date information.

Gouldian finches

 Assorted Canaries

Pisces frequently has a great selection of assorted canaries, please call for the most up-to-date selection.

White Canary