Adopted Cats Make Happy Homes

In need of some extra company around the apartment? Looking for a household companion or family pet to shower some of your excess love on to? Cats are proven to have therapeutic qualities and are excellent bonding animals if you like having a pet you can hold, cuddle and spend time with. By adopting a rescue cat through ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation), you have the chance to improve your quality of life and offer a new life to a cat or

About ARF

Founded in 1995, ARF is a volunteer-based registered non-profit organization. ARF’s mission is to rescue unwanted cats & dogs from rural areas and place them in loving, permanent homes while providing programs to reduce pet over-population.

Steps to Adoption

Pisces always has ARF rescue cats available for adoption. For current selection of adoptable cats, check our Facebook page or come visit in store.

  • Come to Pisces and look at all the cats you are interested in. Fill out a visitation form and spend 20 minutes alone with your cat of choice
  • Fill out a questionnaire. If you are interested in the cat you may put the cat on hold by filling out a hold form.
  • Fill online questionnaire at Your compatibility will be reviewed and you will be approved, disapproved, or recommended a different cat that may better suite your lifestyle.
  • Upon being approved, everyone in the household must come meet the cat. After everyone is antiquated, the cat will stay at Pisces for 24 hours. Once 24 hours passes the cat is ready to be taken home!


The adoption process beginning to end will take roughly 3 – 4 days! A pet is a large responsibility and should not be purchased without due consideration. Pets should never be released into the wild. Enjoy your newly adopted feline friend!