All Eyes On the Axolotl!

Introduction to Axolotls

wooper2“What is this happy little guy?!” A common exclamation made by anyone who comes into there first contact with an axolotl! Chances are you may have seen or heard about these amphibious critters before. They have become popularized in the past few years by internet memes, social media, and television/video games. They are very unique looking amphibious ocean dwellers, with an even more unique set of survival tactics and requirements. So just what the heck are these!?

What Is an Axolotl?

First off, an axolotl is not a fish! Even though they have taken on the nickname of “walking fish”. As mentioned previously, axolotls are amphibians. More specifically, they are a neotenic salamander! They have 4 legs, but do not travel land, spending the entirety of their lives in the comfort of water. Even more fascinating is the fact that an axolotl’s gills are external and resemble large whiskers – giving them a unique look. Having an axolotl in your home will always be a head turner, and its bold and tame nature make this an awesome pet!

Captive Care

  • Lost-Frogs-4A 20 gallon tank is a safe choice for a single adult axolotl, due to the large amount of waste they produce.
  • Axolotls do not tolerate water flow, so make sure your filter is fitted with a spray bottle or other flow-spreading outlet. Pisces recommends: Aquatop flow sponge. 
  • Substrate is optional, if your going to use substrate, use aquarium safe sand, or large pebbles. Anything smaller than the axolotls head can and will be consumed!
  • They do not require any type of light source, and prefer cooler water. The ideal window for water temperature is between low to mid 60o Fahrenheit.
  • Axolotls should not be handled unless absolutely necessary, they are soft-bodied amphibians with permeable skin!

Super Ability

Aside from their cuteness, axolotls are widely know for their super healing abilities. The axolotl is capable of regenerating entire lost limbs in only a period of months. They can also take transplants from other individuals, manipulate them and  restore the appendage or organ to full functionality! They have also been known to fully restore less vital areas of their own brain! It has been documented that in some cases when an axolotl is regenerating a limb, they will regenerate an additional extra limb as well. Sounds a little freaky doesn’t it? It is no wonder that the axolotl is greatly used as a model organism for the development of limbs and vertebrates!



Pisces currently carries axolotl’s in store! Please call us or visit us in store for the most up-to-date selection! If we do not have exactly what you are looking for, please inquire for a special order! Do not forget to ask as many questions as possible, in fact, Ask-a-lotl!