Betta FAQ

If you are new to keeping bettas or you just want to know more about these beautiful little fish, keep reading for some of our frequently asked questions about the betta.

 Frequently Asked Questions

My betta isn’t eating.

Bettas are small fish with small stomachs so they don’t need to eat very much. Feed only an amount that your betta can eat in about 2 minutes. Any more will just become waste and sit at the bottom of the tank.

Why are there bubbles at the top of my bettas tank?

This is called a bubble nest and it’s a sign that your betta is very happy. Male bettas create bubble nests as a safe spot to stash eggs when they are released by the female. The bubbles form as they go to the top of the water for air. A bubble nest means you are doing a good job!


Why does my betta sometimes lay on plant leaves or the bottom of their tank?

This is totally normal and your betta is just taking a nap. If you notice him looking uncomfortable or in a strange position, try adding more decorations, or even a fun betta hammock to give him a more comfortable place to relax. Always make sure to have plenty of places for your betta to hide.

Can I get any ‘friends’ for my betta?

Male bettas should never be housed together. However, there are a few options for ‘friends’ that you can incorporate into your tank. African Dwarf Frogs and Zebra Snails are 2 options that most bettas will get along with. If you are interested in adding a betta into a community tank or experimenting with other ‘friends’, come in and speak with any of our experienced fish staff for some advice.


Have Any Questions About Your Betta?

These are some of our most frequently asked questions about bettas. If you have any questions about your betta, feel free to come in with a picture of the tank and a water sample. We’ll help you make sure your betta is healthy and happy!