Hydration for a Healthy, Happy Pet

Many of us don’t drink enough water, but did you know your pet may not be drinking enough either? I know my cats and dog don’t always get enough so I have been trying a few new techniques to get them on the right track! Here are a few simple changes you can make to get your pet to drink more water.

A Few Tips to get Your Dog or Cat to Drink More Water:

  1. Wet Food: If your pet eats a diet of mostly dry kibble, we highly recommend adding in some canned food. This will help keep them hydrated and add some variety to their diet. Many cats and dogs love the flavor of wet food and it is a great opportunity to sneak in some extra water without them knowing! We have a wide range of flavor options if your cat or dog has a picky palate. Check out some of our more exotic options for cats and dogs:

Did you know that tripe is awesome for cats? Best part is that cats love the flavour and smell! It can be a little fatty so we recommend this as a supplement rather than the primary food.


We have received plenty of positive feedback from customers with picky dogs that really enjoy this stuff. This brand also makes cat foods in similar ‘tasty’ flavours!









  1. Add Water to Dry Food: If your pet doesn’t like wet food, you can also add some water to their dry food. This is a simple change that can make a really big difference! For an extra special treat you can try adding some plain homemade chicken broth instead of water.
  1. Water Fountains: This is the addition that made the biggest difference in my house! Both my cats and my dog love drinking from a fountain so much more than a regular bowl. I love that their water is filtered, stays cold longer and it doesn’t hurt that it keeps my dog from trying to drink out of the toilet.

img_1144Why is Water So Important?

Hydration is critical to the long-term health of our pets. Dehydration can lead to many health problems and pricey vet bills. Determining how much water your pet needs depends on a variety of factors including age, size, breed, and other health issues. We recommend checking in with your vet to learn how much they should be drinking. Always make sure to pay attention to how much water your pet is drinking and visit a vet if you notice a sudden increase or decrease, both can indicate problems.

Give us a call if you are interested in looking at any of these options to improve your pets health!