What About Desert Lizards?

Why Choose a Desert Lizard?

Caught yourself daydreaming about taking home a scaley sidekick? Desert lizards are often overlooked as a great companion! Desert lizards are often low maintenance and easy to handle, contrary to rain forest arboreal lizards. Their docile nature towards humans earns them a reputation as a pet store and household favorite! Deciding what lizard suits you best can be tricky. To help shed some light, below showcased are a few of Pisces favorites! View our care sheets to elect what kind of maintenance and lizard mannerisms work best for your lifestyle.


Bearded Dragon

xVJ7Xe9The traditional Bearded dragon, or Pogona vitticeps.  Bearded dragons hail from the desert regions of Australia. Bearded dragons were introduced into North America in the 1990’s, where they quickly became a family favorite. So, why are these lizards so highly praised? Bearded dragons are extremely docile , especially towards humans. They actually enjoy being the center of attention, handled and stroked by humans. The cherry on the cake is they are also low maintenance and easy to care for! Click here to view our care sheet for bearded dragons!

Collared Lizard

collared-lizard3Collard lizards, or Crotaphytus collaris, come from Mexico and the southern states of the United States. They are very fast lizards, so fast they run on just there hind legs! They may be frightened of human interaction, so be cautious. Regular handling can rid collared lizards of this habit very easily. Collared lizards are commonly sold due to there beautiful coloration. Adult males will be painted in tones of blue, yellow and green. If you are looking for a very aesthetic desert lizard, this is the lizard for you! They pop right out of there monochromatic sandy enclosures for everyone to enjoy! Click here to view our care sheet for collared lizards!



The Uromastyx, or more commonly known as spinytail lizards,  range stretching through most of North Africa, the Middle East and across south-central Asia to the Indian subcontinent. When Uromastyx grow into adulthood, they usually take on an orangish-yellow color with black spots. Uromastyx are tolerant to gentle handling and communication, making them great for a family pet. A very interesting and good conversation starter is that these lizards do not require a constant water source! Simply mist and bath on occasion. Click here to view our care sheet for Uromastyx lizards!


Leopard Gecko

leopard-gecko-523674526-5883975e3df78c2ccd8f02d0Another common household friend, the Leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius)!  These fun little guys are found in the highlands of Asia and throughout Afghanistan, to parts of northern India. They are very fun, easy to care for and interesting. They will tolerate gentle handling after they are old enough, but do not grab them by the tail or it could fall off! Don’t worry it will grow back, but never as nice as the original. Leopard geckos are especially funny because of the facial expressions they can achieve. Unlike most geckos, they have movable eyelids, giving them the illusion to display a range of emotion! Click here to view our care sheet for Leopard geckos!
bigstock-Leopard-gecko-in-front-of-a-wh-119625026-770x405 (1)


These are just a small selection of the many desert lizards Pisces carries. Click here for our recent and spotlighted reptiles! For the most up to date selection, please call us or visit us in store, you wont be disappointed!