FAQ for Chipper Chinchillas!

Why Choose A Chinchilla?

Have you ever had the chance to feel or pet  a chinchilla? If you haven’t already been incited by their adorable fluffy tails and cute little faces, one  feel and you’ll be sold! Its very difficult to make a short list of anything softer and more inviting than a chinchilla. The chinchilla has the second densest fur out of any land mammal, second only to the sea otter. They also happen to make awesome pets! Chinchillas have been a household favorite for many years and have recently boomed in popularity.

What is A Chinchilla?3-Chinchillas-Photo-by-Sean-Molin-Photography

A Chinchilla is species of crepuscular rodent. Today, wild chinchillas are only found at high elevations, in the Chilean mountains.  Unfortunately due to there almost angelic softness, they are hunted for fur and are now considered an endangered species. They are approximately 12″ long when fully grown, with he female usually being larger than the male. The average life span of a healthy chinchilla is 12 – years, though they have been known to live up to 20 years.

Do They Need Lots Of Attention?

To put it very bluntly, YES! Chinchillas need lots of your time every day, especially if you are keeping only one. Like most animals, each chinchilla can have its own temperament and character. Some may be more tolerant of human contact than others, or at least more time to get comfortable with you. Cuddling may not be desired by a chinchilla, they generally will rather be gently scratched around their head and body.

What Is Their Diet Like?

Chinchillas require a healthy diet high in fiber to keep their digestive tract running smoothly. Young Chinchillas should be free fed a Chinchilla pellet and alfalfa hay until they are 6 months old. After 6 months, your Chinchilla will eat fewer pellets (1-2 rounded tablespoons per day) and unlimited amounts of Timothy hay. Pisces recommends: Oxbow Essentials Chinchilla Food. Fiber is great for chewing and grinding, which aids in keeping their teeth trimmed down. Looking after your chinchilla’s teeth is VERY IMPORTANT! Their teeth are growing all the time and the incisors can grow up to 2-3 inches per year. Make sure your chinchilla is provided items it can chew on.

What Kind of Enclosure Do I Need?$_35

A wire cage measuring around 36″ x 20″ x 36″ is suitable for one Chinchilla. Provide levels and tubes for your Chinchilla to play and exercise on. Chinchillas also love wheels and will run on it all the time. Make sure the cage is placed in a relatively quiet area of the house with minimal draft. Chinchillas also need a safe place to run around and get exercise for at least 1 hour a day, Pisces recommends: Critter Ware LG Clean Living Playpen. During their run around time, provide them with a sand/dirt bath. If you leave a bath inside the enclosure, they could use it to often and dry out their skin.

Where Can I Get A Chinchilla?

Pisces carries chinchillas in store! There will be times between orders where we will not have any publicly available, no worries! Please inquire about custom orders to our small animal manager Kelsey! We will likely be able to get in what you are looking for, just for you!