Should We Get a Cat Tree?

New cat owners often ask us if they should get a cat tree for their cat. I have two cats myself, and my answer is a resounding YES! Cat trees provide valuable vertical space, allow for a safe space and prevent them from scratching your other furniture. Cats love to climb trees in nature, so it makes sense why they love them so much in our homes as well.

Why Should I Get One?

1. Vertical space: Cats love to be able to see everything and feel in control. Having a high place for them to watch over the room makes them feel safe and secure.

2. Safe space: Cats like to be able to claim their own space away from other pets and people. Not giving them the opportunity to do so can lead to fighting or aggression between cats.

3. Scratching: While you may think that your cat’s habit of scratching furniture is just a scheme to get revenge on you, in reality it is a very important activity for their well-being. Scratching provides an opportunity for exercise and stretching, promotes good nail health and allows them to mark their territory. Your cat’s paws have special scent glands that leave unique pheromones on the surfaces they scratch.

Don’t Worry if They’re not Big Fans Right Away!

If your cat hasn’t had a scratching post before, you may have to train them to use it. Location is very important. I suggest placing one near a window they like to sit by or near their favourite sleeping spot. A tree with a variety of scratching surfaces and a sturdy base makes for a fun play environment. Placing treats or catnip on the tree and playing with them on it may incentivize them to use it as well. Cats are often suspicious of new things, so it may take a few weeks before your cat warms up to their new toy!

We have many different style options for cat trees and I’m sure we have one to fit in with your décor. Come in to see our full selection!















My cats love their cat trees and the investment has definitely paid off. They love knowing that they are allowed to scratch and play with their own piece of furniture and my couch is in much better shape than it would be otherwise.