Why Get a Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs are one of our favourite pets to recommend for people looking for a furry, relatively easy to care for pet. In honour of Adopt a Guinea Pig Month, we wanted to share a few reasons why these guys are so awesome!

Is a Guinea Pig Right for You?


  1. Awesome Family Pets: These guys are great pets for kids. Less skiddish than hamsters but generally easier to care for than rabbits, guinea pigs are a perfect fit for many families. Well
    socialized guinea pigs love to be held and played with. We recommend guinea pigs as great pets for families with kids elementary school age or older.
  2. Healthy: Guinea pigs are in general pretty healthy little animals. Like all animals, there are some health concerns like dental disease or bladder stones, but for the most part a good quality diet and regular vet check-ups will take care of these.
  3. Personality: Many people don’t realize this, but guinea pigs have quite the personalities. They make the cutest little chirping noises and are known to purr like cats when content. You may even catch an especially excited guinea pig ‘popcorning’ or popping up into the air repeatedly like a piece of popcorn.

Guinea pigs make excellent pets for many families. However, this does not mean that you should take adopting one lightheartedly. Like all pets, these guys are a long-term (5-10 years!) commitment. Due to their outgoing, social nature, they do need a lot of attention and time outside of their cage. This is especially true if you only have one, as these guys love to have other guinea pig friends. In addition, don’t assume that people who aren’t allergic to dogs or cats won’t be to guinea pigs. Allergic reactions to guinea pigs are most often a reaction to proteins in their urine or saliva, not dander.

Overall, guinea pigs are great pets and we highly recommend them. Give us a call if you are interested in adding a guinea pig to your family!