Preparing for a Fish-Sitter

You’re all ready to go on your vacation when it hits you: “Who’s going to take care of the fish?!” Planning for a vacation can become a little more difficult when you have fish. Friends and family aren’t always as comfortable with fish as they may be with Fido or Fluffy.Luckily, we have a few products that can help make it much easier. These products will ensure even the most novice of fish sitters are well prepared when you leave!

img_08591. Feeder blocks:

These are a very popular option for feeding fish while away. We recommend trying one of these ahead of time to see how it goes. While they are a simple, inexpensive option, they also create high levels of pollution and the cost adds up over time.

2. Automatic fish feeders:

Over or under feeding is always a concern when leaving your fish with a sitter. Automatic fish feeders are a great solution as they portion out a pre-programmed amount of food at set times. While these are more expensive than feeder blocks, they’re definitely a better option. Greedy fish may hog feeder blocks, while other fish go hungry, and an automatic feeder can be used every time you travel (and even when you are home!) rather than just for a single use.

3. Automated Aquarium Monitors:Seneye

Seneye Aquarium monitors are the ideal option for providing peace of mind while you’re away. They can monitor water level, temperature, ammonia levels and more and will send alerts to your computer, email or even via text message. While initially expensive, if it catches a serious problem in your tank, it will definitely pay for itself!

With a little planning, taking a vacation doesn’t need to be a stressful experience – for you or your fish. Do you have any tips for leaving fish while on vacation? Let us know!