Is Your Rabbit on a Proper Diet?

Rabbits have hipped and hopped their way into the homes across North America! Now one of the most popular domesticated caged animals, they are a fluffy favorite for kids and adults. Like all pets, it is very important for a rabbit to be sustained on a proper diet. Unfortunately, a proper rabbit diet has been somewhat misconstrued. No worries, we are here to set the record strait for happy, healthy bunny!


Image-6k-Other-pets-section_white-and-brown-rabbitHay! Unlimited Hay! Hay, meadow grass should be the primary source to make up a strong 80% of your rabbit’s diet! An adult rabbit should always have access to an unlimited supply of hay. The hay will provide long fiber that help move things through the digestive track. Rabbits will accumulate hairballs just like cats, but do not have the gag reflex to cough them up. Instead, they will pass through the digestive tract and out the other side. This is why rabbits need lots of long fiber to keep on ticking smoothly! Pisces Recommends: A-OK Timothy Hay.


You may have heard a fable about how fresh veggies will cause your rabbit to have diarrhea. FALSE! In fact, leafy greens will help keep your rabbit hydrated, and therefor easier to pass stool. Not sure what greens to be feeding to your rabbit? There is a very easy way to know. Almost any green, leafy vegetable that is good for yourself is also good for your rabbit! It is important to limit your high calcium veggies, including spinach, kale, broccoli and collard greens! Pisces Recommends:


A proper, high quality commercial pellet will provide your rabbit with beneficial vitamins and minerals not available in hay/greens. Only ~ 6% of your rabbits overall diet should consist of pellets. This is where we get into those misconstrued facts about rabbit diet we mentioned earlier. Baby rabbits may be fed unlimited pellets, their bones and muscles need lots of protein and calcium for a proper, healthy growth. Sadly, these dietary habits continue on into the adulthood of the rabbit for new or uneducated rabbit owners. A good pellet will not contain any dried fruits, nuts or seeds. Portion feed pellets to about 1/4 cup a day.  Oxbow Garden Select Adult Rabbit Food.


Fruits and/or treats should only take up 2% of your rabbits diet! Too much sugar is a bad thing for digestive health, so fruits should only be limited as treats. Rabbits love fresh fruits, However they should not be fed more than 1/2 tablespoon per 1 lbs of your rabbit’s weight a day.  Any fruit that is good for you, is likely good for your rabbit as well. Try bananas, apples, mangos, peaches and berries. If you are looking for packaged treats, look for natural snack mixes that compliment your rabbits natural diet. Pisces recommends: Higgins Sunburst Herb Garden Gourmet Natural Treats.

By following this simple diet plan, you can ensure to have a happy, healthy and hoppy bunny rabbit!