A Sound Introduction for New Fish

Let’s say you have just purchased a start up kit for a new aquarium, or you have collected new marine critters you want to show off to the world. You may be really excited and want to cut the bag right away. Contrary to what you have probably seen in movies or television, doing this is incorrect and can be quite imperative to your fish! We have a very simple, short list of instructions if followed, will ensure happy fish and a healthy aquarium!

Step 1: Find Darkness for the Trip Home

Sounds simple right? Most pet stores will package your fish in clear, air-filled bags. Keeping them in a dark area to keep away the moving world around them will reduce stress in your livestock. Naturally, try to get home with as little delay as possible. Out doing errands for the day? Make certain the pet shop is the last stop on the route back home.

Step 2: Placing Bags Into Watergoldfish bag

Place the plastic bags into your aquarium and let it float unopened and undisturbed for 20-30 minutes. Allow the fish to acclimatize, so the water temperatures become balanced. Very important: These steps are after you have established a balanced aquarium, never purchase your fish and aquarium at the same time. After setting up your aquarium, run the filter for 2-3 days, and make certain your tank is balanced and established before introducing live fish.

Step 3: Shuffle Your Decor

This step only applies if you already have fish and other creatures in your aquarium. Take some time to remove your decorations, and change your aquarium set up. This will break up the territories of your fish, and make the transition of your new fish making themselves at home in your tank much easier.

Step 4: Mixing Your Waters:

After the tank has been floating in the tank for 20-30 minutes, introduce some tank water to your bags. NO NOT MIX THE WATER FROM THE STORE INTO YOUR TANK! Open the bag carefully, and scoop approximately one cup of tank water and pour it into the bag. Finally, reseal the bag and let float again for another 20-30 minutes. 

aulonocara-firefish-white-background1Step 5:  Release & Enjoy!

You are probably very excited and anxious to release your new fish into your tank by now. It is time! Remember, DO NOT mix the store water into your tank water, carefully scoop the fish out of the bags one by one with a net and place the new fish into your aquarium. Pet store water can potentially have lots of different fish coming in and out, and could possibly contaminate your water with disease. After the fish are all in your aquarium, sit back, relax and enjoy your new fish!

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