Spotlight on Rainforest Frogs

Rainforest frogs are often some of the most beautiful, interesting and colorful amphibians on earth. There are approximately 4,740 different species of frogs discovered, with a large majority living in rainforests. All amphibians use their skin as a secondary respiratory surface, some species even lack lungs and rely entirely on their skin. Naturally, all frogs (the order Anura) and other amphibious creatures thrive in high moisture areas like rainforests, bogs and shores. All the frog species listed below roughly share a moderate – high humidity level, and ~78oF – 80oF daytime temperature.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Red-Eyed Tree Frog 2The Red-eyed tree is undeniably among the most beautiful frogs in the world. They are also considered to be one of the most widely recognizable frogs in the world, commonly used in advertisements. These frogs are a medium size, typically reaching a length between 1.5″ – 2.5″ and can have a life span of ~10 years. Naturally, Red-eyed tree frogs love to climb! A 20-gallon arboreal terrarium is recommended, and will hold 3-4 adult frogs. These frogs are insectivores, appropriate sized calcium-dusted crickets & worms are preferred. Low output UVB lighting is beneficial.

Vietnamese Mossy Tree Frog

Mossy Frogs (1)Mossy tree frogs are the real masters of camouflage. Many frog species’ skin hides them in to their surroundings, but the mossy frog has gone a step further. These frogs have the color AND texture of rainforest moss, making them virtually undetectable when motionless. Mossy frogs an average grow to be ~3″ in length as an adult. Mossy frogs are semi-aquatic, spending lots of time hiding in the water under rocks and floating plants. a 10-gallon vivarium is perfect for 2 adults. They should be fed appropriate sized calcium-dusted crickets, 3 time a week. Mossy frogs are easy to keep and trouble free, great for beginners and amphibian enthusiasts!

Amazon Milk Frog

all-that-is-interestingAlso known as a Panda bear tree frog, Milk frogs have a very unique coloration. They are a white base with black-brown stripes/spots, not unlike a dairy cow. The hidden secret of the milk frog is the bright vivid blue interior of the mouth. Adult male milk frogs will reach ~2.5″ in length while the females grow larger, reaching ~4″. A standard 20-gallon tank with lots of climbing decor and a large water dish is ideal for 1-2 adults. Milk frogs eat a variety of inverts, such a as appropriate sized crickets, worms, roaches and flies. They are nocturnal and are typically active at night. UVB is beneficial.

Pacman Frog

7942445_origPacman frogs are a little different than the other frogs, they do not climb. In fact, they burrow deep in the soil and do not move for days, weeks or even months at a time. They are a sit and wait predator, remaining statue like until unsuspecting prey travels close enough and then quickly strikes. Even though they can reach lengths of 4-7 inches, they only require a 10-20 gallon tank. Provide ~4″ of soil in your terrarium so they can bury all the way underground if they please. Pacman frogs will eat almost anything you put in front of them, including worms, crickets, roaches, snails, mice, fish and caterpillars. Pacman frogs have teeth and a very strong bite, handling them is not recommended. NEVER have more than one frog per tank, they are very aggressive and will try to eat one another.

These are just some of the frog species Pisces Pets carries time to time, and is always circulating with new and exciting amphibians! we welcome you to call, message us online or visit us in-store for the most up-to-date selections!