Spotlight on the Skinny Pig!

March is Adopt a Guinea Pig Month and we love these little guys. Energetic, sweet and relatively easy to care for, they are an awesome starter pet, especially for families with kids. In this blog, we are highlighting the skinny pig, a hairless variety of guinea pig.Skinny pigs are mostly hairless, although they do have patches of hair on their faces, legs and feet. Their skin is super soft and smooth and they have the same winning personality as regular guinea pigs.

Caring for Skinny Pigsskinny-pig-jan-19th-2017-1

Skinny pigs do require some extra attention because of their exposed skin. Due to their lack of hair, they are prone to dry skin and injuries more than their furry counterparts. Especially in a dry climate like Alberta, owners need to moisturize their skinny pig’s skin regularly to prevent discomfort. We recommend using organic, virgin coconut oil.

They are also more likely to get cold, so providing cozy blankets and a nice warm environment is very important. When skinny pigs are let out of their cages, it is important to watch them carefully so they don’t cut their delicate skin on anything abrasive. Otherwise, you can take care of a skinny pig just like any other guinea pig.

Click here to see our full care guide for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs, including the skinny pig are very social animals and prefer to live with a friend. They can be very affectionate and bonded to their owners. This is what makes them such excellent pets for families.

They are a great option for people looking for a friendly, companion animal that requires less day-to-day care than many other small animals. If you have been thinking about introducing one of these guys to your family, give us a call for more information. We occasionally have skinny pigs available and we regularly carry guinea pigs. Please give us a call or stop by to see what animals we have available.