What We Do Differently

Pisces has been in business for over 41 years! During that period, we have continuously provided the best products, knowledge, and overall pet store experience. We are especially proud of our strong, experienced and long term sales associates. All our staff are fully trained, full of animal & animal care knowledge and are eager to assist you. Pisces has truly raised the bar for the standard of pet stores across Canada!

Chinchilla pairAnimal Care

To ensure that Pisces is always meeting the highest standards of excellence for animal care, we are a proud member of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada. We feed all our pets and livestock a diverse selection of food every day. Most are on a diet of a variety of different foods, in addition to a staple food, optimum for health and well-being.



We carry a large variety of marine & freshwater fish, aquatic plants, birds, small animals, and a vast array of reptiles. Further, we also have a large pond and pond supply department stocked year-round with pond supplies.


Pisces Pet Emporium is more than simply a pet store, it is a family destination. If you are looking for a fun way to spend a Saturday, come in and see all that Pisces must offer!

  • Floor to ceiling indoor waterfall pondwaxy-monkey-frog-for-sale
  • Exotic bird aviary display
  • Marmoset habitat
  • Poison dart frog collection
  • Over 700 aquariums


With all that we offer, it is no surprise that Pisces is Calgary’s #1 pet shop! Call or visit in store to book a tour (groups of 6 of more)! Visit our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up to date on all new pets, seminars and more!