Christmas shopping can be such a headache. What do you get for the pets and  pet-lovers in your life? Don't worry guys, Pisces is here to help! To give you guys a hand this holiday season, we have compiled groups of awesome gifts for all pets including dog, cat, bird, small animals, reptiles and fish! There gifts are inexpensive, unique but vague enough to be bought for mostly any kind of pet!!

Dog Lovers

Orbee-Tuff Peace Ball

Your dog will love the ball, you'll love the message. Made with our signature Orbee-Tuff material these balls are made to last and will make the holiday season a little brighter and a lot more fun! 

Tall Tails Pocket Dog Towel

In the winter time, your dog is going to be getting wet A LOT when playing in the snow! Designed with two pockets, this towel gives you more control when drying and allows you to reach the hard-to-dry places. The terry fiber fabric is 50% more absorbent than cotton, which makes the drying process efficient and quick!

Jay's Tasty Adventures

Variety is the spice of life! Unlike most treats available, Jay's offers a mix of different treats in each bag! Using only the best ingredients, Jay;s Tasty Adventures are made in Canada and guarantee a delicious and healthy snack in every bite! 

Crazy Cat People

Catit Vesper Tunnel

A must have for all cat owners! With the Vesper Tunnel, your cat will have countless hours of fun while playing and exploring. The vesper tunnel is sleek, easy to clean and easy to pack up and store away!

Kong Wobbler Cat Feeder

The KONG Cat Wobbler provides beneficial mental and physical stimulation for the household cat. With its entertaining wobbler action, the KONG Cat Wobbler makes playtime fun and rewarding by dispensing small treats! Helps fight boredom and obesity by encouraging cats to work for their food.

Catit Creamy

Catit Creamy treats are natural, lickable cat treats that are tasty and full of essential nutrients! A healthy and hydrating lickable treat that your cat will look forward to every day! Serve on a dish or feed directly from the tube for a special moment between the two of you.

Bird Brains

JW Hol-ee Roller For Birds

Hol-ee Roller For Birds provides stimulation and exercise for your pet parrot by making him work for his treats. This 100% rubber toy prevents boredom and destructive behavior. Attaches to cage wire with tough metal chain. Stuff with paper, non-perishable treats, wood. A favorite for birds of all sizes!

Sunburst Fruits & Cinnamon Bark

Fruit & Stix gives Parrots and Macaws a blend of dried pineapple, papaya, juniper berries and cherries with premium cinnamon bark. All fruits are free of sulfur dioxide and the cinnamon bark acts like a natural scented chew toy and also promotes circulatory health!

Avian Fashion Flight Suit

FlightSuits are cleverly disguised, soft, stretchy, reusable pet bird diapers. Your bird will be happier as they spend more time out of their cage, both in and out of the house, worry-free from embarrassing accidents! FlightSuits are easy to put on and take off of your bird, and the patented "poop-pouch" safely keeps droppings away from birds and you!

Small Animal Admirers 

Super Thru-Way Tunnel

Satisfy your ferret, guinea pig or small animals natural instincts with the expandable Super Thru-Way Tunnel. Wind it around the furniture, curl it up in a ball, or just leave it up to your pet's imagination. It’s transparent so you can watch the fun unfold. Get more than one to multiply the tunneling action!

Critter Ware Hay Roller

The all metal powder coated Chew Proof Hay Roller provides fun and function all rolled into one. Just stuff with hay and hang on the cage or place on the floor and let small pets roll it around. It reduces food waste and keeps the cage cleaner!

Living World Treehouse Real Wood Logs

Small animals will love using The Living World TreeHouse Real Wood Logs as building material. They will also enjoy gnawing and carving the flexible wooden sticks just the way they like them. Made of all natural wood, assembled using non-toxic glue and dowels, not nails!

Reptile Enthusiasts

Exo Terra Cricket Pen

A must have for all reptile & amphibian keepers! The Exo Terra Cricket Pen is ideal for housing, keeping and dispensing live crickets. Crickets prefer dark spaces, and will readily crawl into the tubes which provide hiding places for them, making it easy to use the tubes as dispensing tools. 

Reptitemp Infrared Thermometer 

No need for ugly in-tank thermometers! The new Reptitemp digital Infrared Thermometer is a small pocked sized infared thermometer that instantly measures terrarium temperatures with the click of a button. This great new tool will allow keepers to monitor thermal gradients, basking sites, shelters, incubation and hibernation temperatures and more.

Exo Terra Electrolyte Supplement 

All reptiles can benefit from extra electrolytes! Electrolyte maintains a balanced electrolyte flow within body fluids and supplies Vitamin D3 for proper calcium absorption. Vitamin D3 is vital for captive reptiles not exposed to UV-light to prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease.

Fish Friends

Magfloat Aquarium Cleaner

The Mag-Float revolutionary patented floating aquarium cleaner removes algae from your aquarium without getting your hands wet. Super convenient floating cleaner, cleans aquarium surfaces and floats when the inner magnet separates from the outer magnet!

Aqua Life Tank Divider

Instantly converts one aquarium into two! The tank-divider provides a separate area for breading and baby fish. It can also be used to separate "rough" fish. The tank-divider allows for unrestricted filtration and heater circulation!

Aqua Pro Clearview 

Use AquaPro Clearview for crystal clear freshwater! Clearview is a floculant that instantly binds particles for removal by mechanical filtration! Clearview is proven to clear cloudy and discolored water, is fast acting and safe for fish and plants!

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