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Barron's The Reef Aquarium Mini Encyclopedia | Pisces Pets
Now available in a brand-new high-quality paperback edition, this popular book instructs aquarium hobbyists in the many details that are part of setting up and maintaining a marine reef aquarium. It also advises on populating the aquarium with reef-safe fish...
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Barron's Piranhas | Pisces Pets
Despite the exaggerated reputation piranhas have acquired from horror movies, these fish make fascinating additions to many hobbyists’ fish tanks. Titles in Barron’s extensive selection of Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals are filled with useful information and heavily illustrated with high-quality...
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Barron's The Marine Reef Aquarium | Pisces Pets
Marine aquarium hobbyists who turn to this book will find the most up-to-date information and advice available anywhere on the increasingly popular activity of setting up and maintaining a thriving coral reef aquarium. In recent years, specialists have made major...
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Barron's Saltwater Aquarium | Pisces Pets
Maintaining a thriving saltwater aquarium requires careful attention to water chemistry, and detailed understanding of marine fish, corals, and shellfish. This book offers a great head start to beginning saltwater aquarium hobbyists. Books in the Complete Pet Owner's Manuals series...
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Barron's Koi | Pisces Pets

Barron's Koi


In Japan, breeding Koi—a colorful fish in the carp family—is an art form. This book speaks to its increased popularity in America with information on maintaining a garden pond and proper care of the fish. Titles in Barron’s extensive selection...
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Barron's Goldfish | Pisces Pets
This manual describes a species of hardy fish that can be kept indoors or in outdoor pools. Original goldfish are yellow, but as this book of advice for aquarium hobbyists explains, selective breeding produces goldfish in several colors, as well...
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