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Aqueon Flat Heater
Small Aquatic Flat Heaters are designed for desktops at least 1 gallon in size, but less than 10 gallons. They are completely submersible, easy to install and efficiently warm aquarium water. For use with aquariums between 1 to 10 gallons...
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Marina Submersible Betta Heater | Pisces Pets
Marina Betta Heater is an automatic, submersible heater that creates ideal water conditions for bettas to thrive in. The exterior is made of durable polymer, which is more resilient than traditional glass sleeve heaters. The heater is designed to reach...
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Aqueon Mini Heater 10 Watt | Pisces Pets
Aqueon Mini Heater provides warmth to tropical fish. Designed with a shatterproof housing and thermal safety shut-off, this compact and completely submersible mini heater is perfect for desktop aquariums with a minimum size of 2.5 gallons and up to Ideal...
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Marina Compact Heaters Sold out
Description The Marina compact, submersible heaters are for use in indoor aquariums. They are designed to reach and maintain the pre-set temperature of 26 C (78 F), without having to make any adjustments.The exterior is made of a tough polymer so that it...
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