Betta Fish Care



Marina Betta Gravel Black | Pisces Pets
Adding colourful gravel to your betta aquarium is an excellent way to enhance its look, as well as embellish it with a rich and appealing touch of visual flair. It is also a practical way to secure accessories such as...
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Marina Betta Water Conditioner | Pisces Pets
Marina Betta Pure Water Conditioner makes tap water safe for your betta by removing harmful chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals found in tap water. Protects fish with a healthy slime coat. Use for new aquarium setups, when adding new water,...
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Marina Betta Sword Plant with Suction Cup
Marina Betta Kit Plastic Plants are natural-looking plants that undulate in the water current just like live plants. The life-like colours do not fade and are completely safe for all aquarium occupants.The plants come complete with a suction cup for...
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