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Doc & Phoebe's Indoor Hunting Feeder | Pisces Pets
The Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder is a complete bowl replacement for one cat. Instead of filling the bowl twice a day, fill and hide the three (3) Doc & Phoebe Mice morning and night. Your cat will hunt, catch, and...
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Catit Glass Dinner Bowls with White Base | Pisces Pets Sold out
Catit Design Glass Diner for Cats, White Base. Two glass dishes mounted on elevated base. The Catit Design Glass Diner makes every meal a fine dining experience. Key Features: Contemporary design blends in nicely with home décor Includes two sculpted...
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BeOneBreed Cool Bowl for Cats - 250 ml | Pisces Pets
Embossed ceramic bowl Elegant look Pattern at the bottom to allow the cat to measure the depth of the bowl Cooling ceramic that keeps water cool for hours Oval shape accommodates the cat's whiskers
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Loving Pets Bella Bowl Espresso | Pisces Pets Sold out
White pawprints and bones on a dark espresso background. Small has paws only, no bone imprint. All Bella Bowls feature: Vet-recommended bacteria resistant stainless steel interior Removable rubber base prevents skids, spill and noise Dishwasher safe (remove rubber ring) Patented...
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Beco Cat Bowl | Pisces Pets Sold out
Low rim designed bowl is ideal for your catSensitive whiskers don’t brush up against the sides making dinner time that little bit easier Made from sustainably sourced plant fibre materialToxic Free Bamboo & Rice HuskDishwasher Friendly  
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Catit Style 2-in-1 Cat Dish | Pisces Pets
160 ml (5.4 fl oz) Description:The Catit Style 2-in-1 Cat Dish is really 2 dishes in 1. This versatile dish has an accent-patterned outer dish with a stainless steel dish insert. The dishes can be used separately (as two dishes)...
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