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Pawsitive FX Happy Snouts Balm - 59 ml | Pisces Pets
Description Did you know that your dog’s sense of smell is 1,000 to 1,000,000 times stronger than yours? Humans have around 5,000,000 scent glands, whereas their best friends have around 125-300,000,000! Fido’s nose is his most important tool in navigating...
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Pawsitive FX Strong Paws Balm | Pisces Pets
Description Strong Paws™ is your pet’s protection against the elements. Imagine an invisible and nourishing boot for your cute pooch! Strong Paws™ is ideal for protecting your dog’s pads in all terrains; whether the terrain is hot, cold, rocky or...
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Pawsitive FX Happy Paws Balm - 59 ml | Pisces Pets Sold out
Description Happy Paws™ is perfect for your pooch’s pads! Using all-natural ingredients, this balm is formulated to soothe your best friend’s dry, cracked, chapped or rough paws. Smoothing this balm onto your pet’s toes regularly will also help prevent irritation,...
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