PowAir Odor Neutralizer | Pisces Pets Sold out
If you’re still using artificial air fresheners to try to cover up smells, you’re not actually doing anything to take care of them. With PowAir Gel products you get the safest, most natural solutions that do more than cover up...
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PowAir Spray | Pisces Pets

PowAir Spray


There’s no telling where, when, or what odors will arise in your home, office, car, or locker, or anywhere in between. And if you’ve ever used traditional air fresheners or sprays, you may now be aware that most utilize harmful...
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PowAir Block | Pisces Pets

PowAir Block


Net Weight 170 g Eliminate odors safely and permanently with PowAir Block, a proven, industrial strength, essential oil based odor neutralizer infused with refreshing aromatic scents. It is not a masking agent. PowAir is a powerful scientifically formulated blend of...
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