Quiko Intensive Red with Canthaxanthin | Pisces Pets Sold out
Net Weight 35 g Quiko Intensive Red is a vitamin and mineral supplement speciall formulated for red factor Canaries. Intensive contains Canthaxanthin, which promotes the development of vibrant plumage and intensifies red colouring in red factor canaries. Powdered Intensive is...
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Quiko Med Immune Support | Pisces Pets Sold out
Net Weight 30 g Quiko Med Support is a nutritional supplement used to strengthen a bird's natural immune system. Med's active ingredient, Aetheroleun Origani, aids in the prevention of coccidiosis and certain pathogenic intestinal bacteria, and increases resistance to disease....
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Quiko Daily Balance Multivitamin Sold out
Net Weight 28 g Nutrient-rich vitamin and mineral supplement* Contains antioxidants, great for senior birds* Rich in Vitamin A, important for all birdsFormulated to play an important role in regulating body systems, as well as blood and bone formation. Contains 14 vitamins...
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