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Marina Thermometer Suction Cups - Medium | Pisces Pets
Marina Suction Cups are practical for securing thermometers or airline tubing to aquarium glass or acrylic surfaces. They provide excellent adhesion in or out of the water. 2 suction cups per pack. Size : Medium.
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Fluval C2 Replacement Bio-Screen | Pisces Pets
Fluval C3 Bio-Screen Pad provides massive biological surface area for friendly bacteria to colonize, plus it blocks debris and evenly distributes water flow before it drips into the Power Filter's biological trickle chamber. Key Features: Provides massive biological surface area...
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Fluval Silicone Lubricant | Pisces Pets
Fluval Silicone Lubricant is the ideal lubricant for all rubber parts such as motor head seal rings, primer stems and Aqua-Stop seal rings. The lubricant helps prolong the life of seal rings and facilitates assembly and removal.
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Fluval Chi Replacement Foam/Filter Pad Combo Pack | Pisces Pets
The Fluval Chi Filter Media replacement combo pack includes 3 Chi Filter Pads and 1 Chi Foam Pad, exclusively designed for Fluval Chi aquarium filters, 19 Litre (5 U.S. gal.) and 25 Litre (6.6 U.S. gal.) sizes. The 2-sided polyester/carbon...
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Fluval 304/404/305/405/306/406 Motor Seal Ring | Pisces Pets
Fluval Motor seal ring is suitable for: - Fluval 304 External Canister Filter - Fluval 305 External Canister Filter - Fluval 306 External Canister Filter - Fluval 404 External Canister Filter - Fluval 405 External Canister Filter - Fluval 406...
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Fluval X06 Impeller Shaft | Pisces Pets
Fluval 06 Impeller Shaft and Bushing is suitable for: FLUVAL 106 Canister Filter (A202) FLUVAL 206 Canister Filter (A207) FLUVAL 306 Canister Filter (A212) FLUVAL 406 Canister Filter (A217)
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