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Wag Kangaroo Fillet | Pisces Pets
Description Made from Kangaroo Heart and good for your dog’s heart too. Crunchy Roo Fillet is high in iron, zinc and Omega-3 to give your doggo an extra skip in their step and keep growing pups jumping. Our free-range roo...
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Wag Kangaroo Liver | Pisces Pets
Description Just like Skippy, our free-range Roos are jumping full of Omega-3, so it’s good for your heart and theirs. Crunch it whole or break it down, Kangaroo Liver is nothing but natural Aussie meat, because we get what your...
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Wag Kangaroo Jerky | Pisces Pets
Description Our free-range Kangaroo Jerky is dried to perfection. This single-ingredient snack is extra crunchy to help your doggos all-important jaws and chompers. While it’s hard on plaque it’s easy on the tummy – perfect for those doggos with allergies...
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Wag Kangaroo Cubes | Pisces Pets
Description It’s pure and simple. No tricks up our sleeves, our Roo Cubes are nothing but 100% Kangaroo Lung. A small treat that packs a punch on taste, not on teeth. They’re soft and chewy for chompers and doggos of...
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Wag Beef Tripe | Pisces Pets

Wag Beef Tripe

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Description Grains? Additives? What a load of Tripe! Our beef treats are single-ingredient and full-powered crunch. Straight from farm to bowl, green beef tripe has health benefits as real as the ingredient. While it’s hard on plaque, the digestive enzymes...
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