Aquatop Classic Aqua Flow Sponge

About the Aqua Flow Sponge Filter

Sponge filters are excellent for when safe or gentle filtration is needed (betta fish, axolotls, shrimp, etc.). The soft flow of the sponge filter is ideal for hospital tanks, where fish may be to weak to tolerate stronger suction from a standard filter. Sponge filters come in a variety of shapes and pore size to ensure you get the proper flow rate for your aquarium.  The Aquatop Classic can be installed with an air pump or a powerhead. Sponge filters are often long lasting, more durable and less maintenance than traditional filters.

Maintenance & Care 41-lrgxGkdL._SL500_AC_SS350_

Maintenance of a sponge filter is as simple as their design.  When routine maintenance is performed, save a portion of removed aquarium water in a fish-safe container. Disassemble the sponge filter and separate the sponge from the hardware. Use the saved aquarium water to clean the sponge. Squeeze it, shake it and rinse it out in the fish-safe container. When the sponge looks clean ,reassemble the sponge filter and reinstall!