Current Orbit Marine LED

There is plenty to love about the Orbit Marine! Featuring a variety of different controls and dynamic lighting, it is capable of lighting you never thought an aquarium light could do!

Just some of the effects that the Orbit Marine can perform are:105596_PT5._AC_SL1500_V1483477025_

  • 24 hour on/off time, ramp up and dim down duration (0-30 minutes)
  • Minimum and maximum intensity (0-100%), color adjustment
  • Adjustable moon light color, brightness and duration
  • On-demand weather effects including overcast, thunderstorm, and fading moonlight

The Marine Orbit incorporates two channels of duel color spectrum, capable of creating eye popping colors with vibrant shimmer. Using 120 degree lenses the light will spread evenly and uniformly throughout the aquarium. The system is sleek, powerful and the perfect lighting solution to any aquarium!

Pisces has an Orbit Marine LED interactive system set up in-store! Come visit and try out the almost limitless features of this futuristic lighting system!