Living Wold Knot-A-Rope

An ingeniously simple product to maximize your birds in-cage experience!

Bendable Cotton Bird Perch

Knot-A-Rope, Living World’s line of multi-colored cotton perches offers a wide and interesting array of safe, durable and flexible perches. Made of good quality rope, the cotton perches are banana scented, a wonderful fragrance that birds will love.

  • Braided surface smooths and stimulates tired feet
  • Flexible – easily shaped to mimic a natural enviornment
  • Multi-colored for visual interest
  • Easy to attach
  • Safe & non-toxic

Knot-A-Rope is available in 3 different diameters, ranging from 16mm (.6”) to 30mm (1”), with each size being available in multiple lengths. So whether you own an aviary, a large parrot, or a parakeet, Knot-A-Rope is the perfect addition to any bird cage.

How It Works

The Knot-A-Rope is extremely easy to install. Simply untwist on of the ends until it has completely separated. Insert the slit in the fixture through one of the wires on the bird cage from the inside, and re-attach the fixture from the other side. Repeat on opposite or adjacent side and bend/twist the perch to your liking!