Pisces Pro Products

Did you know that Pisces has our own line of freshwater, marine, pond and household products? They are produced locally here in Calgary, and since they are a house branded product, we are able to keep a close eye on the quality ourselves. PLUS, did you know that customers that purchase our Pisces Pro line of products (any product with a Pisces logo on the label) receive double VIPisces Points on these items every day? That can definitely add up!

A quick overview of some of our most popular Pisces Pro products:probiotic

  1. Probiotic: The Pisces Pro+Biotic supplement for both freshwater and marine fish is a recent addition to our line but has quickly become a favourite. Just like humans, fish benefit from the introduction of probiotic supplements. This supplement provides enhanced colour, boosted energy, appetite stimulation and improved growth and digestion. We have seen fantastic results with it here in our own tanks.
  1. Water additives: This line also has water additives for your freshwater, marine and pond environments. For ideal water quality, Pisces recommends using the entire line of water treatment products for your type of aquarium together. Always be sure to read and follow the package directions to ensure optimal results.

aquapro marinepro img_0942

  1. Scent & stain remover: Of course, we can’t leave out our customers with furry friends either. Pisces Pro also makes an awesome scent and stain remover that is pet safe and very effective.

Pisces Pro products are a great quality, local alternative to products that our customers use on a daily basis. Visit us to see the full selection of Pisces Pro products and to learn whether it may be time for you to make a switch!