Voyager HP Pump by Sicce - Product Feature

These high performance, durable and incredibly long lasting pumps are the evolution of stream pumps, we promise the Sicce Voyager HP Pump will be the ultimate addition to your aquarium.

The Voyager HP or High Performance series builds upon all of the same great features and technology of the models 1 through 4 but takes them to another level. The models range from 2800 to 4000 gallons per hour and have innovations that leave them in a class by themselves. The HP Series are able to accommodate a large range of tank sizes and environments, able to be used in fresh water, salt water or marine water. Check out our product page for more information, or continue reading.

These pumps come in three different models, and has a large range on tank capacities it can accommodate. The Sicce Voyager HP Pump is also able to be used in multiple different environments. Use it in fresh water, salt water or marine water.

Voyager HP Pump tank capacity. Source: Sicce

Voyager HP Pump tank capacity. Source: Sicce

Sicce Voyager Features:

  • ETL and cETL listed
  • 360 degree pump rotation
  •  Support w/ magnets
  • Adjustable angle deflector
  • Quiet operation
  • Safe for use with timers
  • Can be turned on and off quickly without harm or noise
  • Latest in prop rotor technology
  • Microfine direction adjustment with locking fasteners.
  • 3-year or 5-year extended warranty with online registration and purchase from an authorized dealer

Thanks to the exclusive magnetic support, the Voyagers can be positioned anywhere: on the sides, behind the tank, and around the aquarium’s corners. The support system permits them to reach up to 180 degrees vertically and 360 degrees circulatory has endless orientation possibilities. This unique feature allows the units to be mounted on the rear glass of the aquarium without sacrificing its directional range.

The Voyager’s versatility in movement and positioning makes it possible to hide them anywhere, assuring optimal performance. The removable front ring insert allows you to regulate the water flow wide or narrow, satisfying even the most particular species needs. The units have the most durable rotor, ceramic seats, and a ceramic shaft. This, combined with the electronic engineering of the motor, assures that the pump always starts in the correct direction without vibration or noise.

The rotor and shaft of the Voyager are wear-resistant beyond compare! Mounting does not rely on suction cups or a combination of suction with magnets because in a salt water tank or in hard water they become stiff with time, compromising their hold, and causing the pump to become unstable. The exclusive magnetic support for the Voyager is long-lasting, reliable, ideal for glass up to 3/4″ thick and prevents slippage, vibration, and wear on the glass. The Voyager can be used in fresh water and saltwater aquariums. Maximum inclination, flexibility, silence, and reliability – all in one unit!