Newly Arrived - Freshwater Fish & Invertebrates

Here are some of the newly-arrived freshwater fish and invertebrates currently available at Pisces Pet Emporium!

Updated: August 21st, 2019

Please call for the most up-to-date availability. 


Barb Gold Clown
Barb Rhombo
Cat Striped Raphael
Pencilfish Beckfordi
Rasbora Rummynose
Tetra Kerri Emperor
Tetra Rummynose
Cichlid Gold Veil Angel Ram
Gourami Gold
Gourami Powder Blue
Loach Hillstream
Platy Bumble Bee
Platy Panda
Shark Bala
Sword Black
Sword Pineapple
Tetra Black Neon
Tetra Neon
Tetra Neon
Barb Filament
Cat Glass
Gourami Kissing Pink
Tetra Cardinal Tr
Cat Otocinclus
Synodontis Lace
Piranha Red Belly
Rope Fish Nigeria
Rainbow Luminatus Red Neon
Rainbow Green Emerald
Danio Zebra
Tetra Cosmic Blue
Tetra Starfire Red
Tetra Galactic Purple
Tetra Sunburst Orange
Tetra Moonrise Pink
Tetra Electric


Shrimp Red Cherry
Shrimp Orange Sakura Tr
Shrimp Red Crystal
Shrimp Blue Velvet
Shrimp Yellow
Snail Yellow Apple
Shrimp Amano


Should you experience any problems with your new pet, contact Pisces Pet Emporium. we will make every effort to assist you but we may refer you to a qualified veterinarian if the problem is beyond our ability to treat.

A pet is a large responsibility and should not be purchased without due consideration. Pets should never be released into the wild.