Newly Arrived - Marine Fish and Invertebrates

Check out some of the newest saltwater fish and invertebrates currently at Pisces Pet Emporium.
Updated: October 4th, 2018
Please call for most up-to-date availability.



Angel Flame
Angel Potters
Angel Keyhole
Angel Rock Beauty
Angel Blue Girdled
Angel MAC Coral Beauty
Angel MAC Lemon Peel
Basslet Royal Gramma
Blenny Tail Spot
Blenny Red Leopard Sailfin
Blenny Algae
Blenny MAC Black Comb Tooth
Blenny MAC Canary
Butterfly Copperband
Butterfly Long Nose
Cardinal AC Banggai
Damsel Talbot's
Damsel Yellow Tail Blue
Damsel AC Black Cap
Dragonet MAC Green Mandarin
Dragonet Red Scooter
Filefish Matted Ltherjacket
Goby Orange Spotted
Goby Yellow Watchman
Goby Yellowhead Jawfish
Goby Golden Head Sleeper
Goby Diamond Watchman
Lionfish Fuzzy Dwarf
Pipefish Green
Puffer Arothron Dog face
Shark Shark Egg Capsule
Tangs Desjardini Sailfin
Trigger MAC Niger
Wrasse Goldstripe Male
Wrasse Green Coris
Wrasse Puddingwife
Wrasse Cleaner
Wrasse Four Line
Wrasse MAC Six Line


Anemone Sebae Wht w/Blu Tip
Cephalopod Octopus
Crab Decorator Spider
Crab Halloween Orange Band
Nudibranch Lettuce Sea Slug
Snails Astraea
Snails Bumble Bee
Snails Margarite
Snails Trochus
Shrimps Curly Que Pistol
Shrimps Bumblebee
Shrimps Fire Cleaner
Shrimps Cleaner
Shrimps Coral Banded
StarFish Sand
StarFish Chocolate Chip


Should you experience any problems with your new pet, contact Pisces Pet Emporium. We will make every effort to assist you but we may refer you to a qualified veterinarian if the problem is beyond our ability to treat.

A pet is a large responsibility and should not be purchased without due consideration. Pets should never be released into the wild.