Newly Arrived - Marine Fish and Invertebrates

Check out some of the newest saltwater fish and invertebrates currently at Pisces Pet Emporium.
Updated: December 7th, 2018
Please call for most up-to-date availability.



Angel Flagfin
Angel Black Nox
Angel Flame
Angel Flameback
Angel Multicolor
Angel Pygmy Yellowtail
Angel Keyhole
Angel Singapore
Angel Queen Juv.
Angel French Juvenile
Angel Emperor Juv.
Angel Blue Girdled
Angel Regal
Angel MAC Bicolor
Angel MAC Coral Beauty
Angel MAC Lemon Peel
Anthias Evansi
Anthias Fem Ornge Lyrtail
Anthias Purple Queen
Anthias Male Red Lyretail
Basslet Royal Gramma
Basslet Chalk
Blenny Bicolor
Blenny Midas
Blenny Leopard
Blenny Green Canary
Blenny Horseface
Blenny Algae
Blenny MAC Canary
Cardinal Spotted Pajama
Clowns AC Black/White Ocellaris
Clowns AC Black Storm
Clowns AC DaVinci Grade A
Clowns AC Mocha Black Storm
Clowns AC Mocha Black Storm
Damsel Green Chromis
Damsel Azure
Damsel Blue Devil
Damsel Gold Tail
Damsel Male Blue Devil
Damsel Talbot's
Damsel Blue Star
Damsel AC Black Cap
Damsel MAC Gold Domino
Dragonet Spotted Mandarin
Dragonet MAC Green Mandarin
Eel Honeycomb
Filefish Matted Ltherjacket
Filefish Tassled
Goby Orange Spotted
Goby Yellow Watchman
Goby Broadstripe
Goby Green Band
Goby Rainford's
Goby Magnifica Firefish
Goby Purple Firefish
Goby Randal's Jawfish
Goby Yellowhead Jawfish
Goby Golden Head Sleeper
Goby Diamond Watchman
Goby MAC Sleeper Banded
Grouper Panther
Grunt MAC Orientalis Swtlip
Hawk Falco
Jacks Pilot Fish
Lionfish Colored Volitan's
Tangs Tomini
Tangs Kole
Tangs Sailfin
Trigger Clown
Wrasse Anchor Tusk
Wrasse Bl Diamnd Creole Jv
Wrasse Green Coris
Wrasse Radiant
Wrasse Yellow Chrysus
Wrasse Cleaner
Wrasse MC Xmas Fiji Adult
Wrasse MAC Leopard
Wrasse MAC Black Leopard
Wrasse MAC Dragon
Wrasse MAC Six Line


Anemone Acid Drop Bubble Tip
Hermit Crab African
Snails Astrea
Anemone Green Bubble Tip
Shrimps Cleaner
Crab Emerald
Shrimp Fire Cleaner
StarFish Volcano Fromia
Snails Nassarius
Anemone Long Tentacle
Nudibranch Seahare
Starfish Harlequin Serpent
StarFish Red Serpent
Shrimp Tiger Pistol
Anemone Rock Flower Ultra
Anemone Red Flower Strawberry
Anemone Purple Reef
Anemone Bubble Tip
Anemone Rock Flower Green Asst
Anemone Long Tentacle XL
Crab Emerald
Crab Arrow
Hermit Crab Blue Knuckle
Crabs' Hermit Zebra
Hermit Crab Red Tip
Hermit Crab Scarlet
Lobster Spiny Blue
Nudibranch Dolbella SeaHare
Nudibranch Lettuce Sea Slug
Snails Astraea
Snails Spiny Star Astrae
Snails Bumble Bee
Snails Top Crown
Snails Nassarius
Snails Red Collar
Snails Margarite
Snails Trochus
Snails Turbo
Shrimps Tiger Pistol
Shrimps Fire Cleaner
Shrimps Cleaner
Shrimps Peppermint
Shrimps Coral Banded
StarFish Chocolate Chip


Should you experience any problems with your new pet, contact Pisces Pet Emporium. We will make every effort to assist you but we may refer you to a qualified veterinarian if the problem is beyond our ability to treat.

A pet is a large responsibility and should not be purchased without due consideration. Pets should never be released into the wild.