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AA Aquarium Clip-On Green Killing Machine


Clear water is just a snap, converts most filters into a UV filter

  • Keep your aquarium crystal clear
  • Controls green water, eliminates cloudiness & bacteria without any chemicals
  • Perfect for aquariums up to 20 Ga. (80L)
  • No installation at all, simply clip to any waterfall filter
  • LED signals need for a UV Bulb replacement.
  • UV bulbs lasts for 6 to 9 months (constant ON), we do not recommend using this 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
  • Once your water is clear, there is no need to keep your Clip-On UV Sterilizer ON 24/7. This will help increase the life of your 3 Watt UV lamp
  • Sealed UV bulb design - avoid UV housing deteriorate, fresh with every bulb change.

Note: This product DOES NOT include a filter

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