Pisces Pup Pack

Pisces Pup Pack

Subscription Box

Each product is handpicked from over 30 000 products by some of our most knowledgable staff. Your pup will enjoy a surprise box with fantastic treats and a wonderful new toy. This could be a stuffie to love or a rubber toy to chew or toss around. That's not all! You also will receive either an edible chew or a cool accessory, plus samples or coupons. All this for discounts from 10-20%! Remember, you know your dog best, always supervise play with any toy or chew and remove and discard any unsafe pieces or a toy that has been loved past safe use.

Small Dog - 20 lbs and under
Medium Dog - 20 to 50 lbs
Large Dog - 50+ lbs

Each box includes

  • 2 Toys
  • 2 Treats
  • 1 Chew or Accessory
  • May include a sample or coupon

All subscription orders leave on the 13th of each month.

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