Allied Precision Industries Pond Breather


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Energy-efficient pond aerator uses less energy than de-icers * Increases vital gas exchange for successful wintering of pond fish * Innovative pond ventilation unit for 4-seasons of operation Need help making a decision? Check out our informative selection guide.Maintain a healthier winter pond environment while reducing energy use. The energy-efficient Pond Breather works like a chimney to pull oxygen-poor water to the surface and exchange it with freshly oxygenated water. Effectively vents harmful gases into the atmosphere while expending less energy than conventional de-icers. The Pond Breather’s innovative split-chamber Gas Exchanger moves a steady stream of water above the ice layer for reliable performance even at ice depths up to 15 inches! The versatile Pond Breather can also be used year-round to increase gas exchange and oxygenation in ponds. Measures 23 x 8 float. 15 foot power cord. 40 watt. Reliable performance range from minus 10°F to minus 20°F. Please click on More Information for directions for use.
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