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Red Sea Reef Mature Starter Kit


Red Sea's Reef Mature Kit provides a complete program for the biological maturation of reef aquariums, establishing full nitrification plus nitrate and phosphate reduction in a few weeks. Use Red Sea's Marin Care Multi test kit to monitor all essential water parameters during maturation.


  • Bacto Start: bacteria gorth starter 30 mL
  • Nitro Bac: concentrated blend of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria 100 mL
  • NO3:PO4-X: biological nitrate and phosphate reducer 100 mL
  • KH Coralline Gro: KH buffer with trace element complex for coralline algae and other reef microfauna 100 mL
  • Tretas 250 litres

Contains: Denatured ethanol, Sodium carbonate, Potassium nitrate, Nitrifying and de-nitrifying bacteria.

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