Smart Pet Love Tender Tuff Shaggy Blue Raccoon | Pisces Pets
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Smart Pet Love Tender Tuff Shaggy Blue Raccoon


Squeaker belly and long, cylindrical body are perfect for a game of fetch!

  • Elongated body allows for easy retrieval during a fun game of fetch
  • Long tail makes it easier to play tug-of-war
  • Puncture resistant squeaker
  • Proprietary TearBlok Technology extends playtime
  • Interactive toy strengthens the bond between you and your dog

Tender-tuffs are for every dog owner who wants a plush toy your dog loves and will play with for more than a day. Made with proprietary TearBlok Technology, smartpetlove tender-tuffs are the answer you’ve been looking for! Tender-tuffs are available in a variety of categories (tug, no stuffing, big dog, small dog, fetch, etc), meaning we have a toy for your dog’s favorite style of play**.

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