Pond Care

Pisces Pet Emporium has availabe for rent a POND-O-VAC.  For a deposit and a daily fee, you can come and rent the POND-O VAC to help maintain the health of your pond and during preparation for winter.  Fees are as follows:

Deposit – $600.00* 
1 Day – $35* 
2 Days – $50* 
Additional Days – $30*/day 
Cleaning Charge – $20** 
* Tax is NOT included in this price. 
** Pond Vac MUST be returned in the same condition as when it left.  If it is not returned in proper condition, a $20 cleaning charge will be added. 

Renting – Customer must pay deposit ($600 plus tax) plus rental charge for number of days they will be keeping the pond-vac.
Returning – Upon return, the deposit ($600 plus tax) will be refunded.  If the customer kept the pond-vac for longer than they were originally charged for, they will be now be charged for those additional days.