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Back to School!  Countdown to back-to-school has begun!   Pisces has everything you need to get you back into the school spirit! From stylish leashes for your walk to school or some new reef for your school of fish

New Products

New & Exciting Products at Pisces Pet Emporium! We are constantly bringing in new pet products to ensure that you have the best selection in the city. Here are some of the newest products we have in store!  

Newly Arrived

Check out our newest livestock arrivals. Pisces frequently receives new livestock shipments, check here for our most recent selections. For the most up-to-date information, give us a call.

Aquarium Care

In order to assist you in maintaiming a healthy environment for your tropical fish, we provide a complimentary water test. Visit our Aquarium Care page for more information on how we can help.

Pond Care

Pisces Pet Emporium has availabe for rent a POND-O-VAC.  For a deposit and a daily fee, you can come and rent the POND-O VAC to help maintain the health of your pond and during preparation for winter.  Fees are as follows:

Bird Care

Did you know that Pisces Pet Emporium will clip your bird’s wings and toenails for free?  Just call us at the store and book an appointment. Please keep in mind that appointment times are limited to certain weekdays only.

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Spotlight on Rainforest Frogs

Rainforest frogs are often some of the most beautiful, interesting and colorful amphibians on earth. There are approximately 4,740 different species of frogs discovered, with a large majority living in rainforests. All amphibians use their skin as a secondary respiratory surface, some species even lack lungs and rely entirely on their skin. Naturally, all frogs […]

Upcoming Events

Pond Shutdown Seminar

As the summer winds down, it’s time to get our ponds ready for the winter ahead. Preparing your pond for winter will not only keep your pond healthy, but it will make your spring startup easier next year. Join our pond expert Norm as he walks you through preparing your pond for the fall and […]

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2017 October 24 Basic Fresh water Aquarium Set up

When it comes to freshwater aquariums, there is a lot to learn. There are so many things going on in our aquariums – invisible to the naked eye – that are essential to the health of the aquarium and its inhabitants. If you’re new to the aquarium hobby or you’re interested in starting a freshwater […]

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Featured Products

Exo-Terra Aquatize

Terrarium Water Conditioner Makes tap water safe, for healthier terrarium water conditions Removes Chlorine & Chloramine Neutralizes heavy metals Stimulates slime coat development in amphibians & fish Detoxifies Shedding aid The chemical treatment of tap water, which makes it suitable for human consumption, leaves toxic residues of chlorine and chloramine in the water. Minute traces […]

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Zoo-Med Repti Shedding Aid

Aids in removing dry sheds from snakes and lizards. Conditions your reptiles’ skin and provides a visible sheen. Helps to keep the skin moist and pliable. Long lasting–works between sheds! Directions: Shake well before using. For shedding problems in snakes or lizards: Spray Repti Shedding Aid directly onto the dry skin of your shedding snake […]

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