Reptile Maintenance


Exo Terra Turtle Clear Kit | Pisces Pets
Description The Exo Terra Turtle Clear Aquatic Habitat Cleaning Kit is a set of maintenance tools that makes cleaning your aquatic terrarium simple. Includes Gravel Cleaner 2-in-1 Algae Removal Tool The Exo Terra 2-in-1 Algae Removal Tool is a combination...
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Exo Terra Terrarium Glass Cleaner | Pisces Pets
Description The Exo Terra Terrarium Glass Cleaner is an easy to apply gel that was specifically developed to remove calcium and lime stains from terrarium glass. Tap water used for misting is a major source of unsightly hard water stains...
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Exo Terra Metal Poop Scoop | Pisces Pets
The Exo Terra Scoop is an indispensable tool for spot cleaning terrarium sand substrates in your terrarium. This durable metal scoop with comfort grip is perfectly sized and angled to reach into terrarium corners and has a finer mesh to...
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