Why You Need a Gravel Vacuum

Left-over food, feces and other waste products are the main cause of high nitrate levels in your aquarium. The rotting waste produces ammonia and nitrite, which your bio filter turns into nitrate. Keeping your nitrate levels low is vital to the the health of your aquarium. Gravel vacuums are a staple tool for all fish-keepers, vacuuming out the waste and debris from your gravel and substrate during water changes, keeping your tank clean and healthy!


  • 9” Cylinder, 56” Hose Gravel-Vac Gravel Cleaner is a super aquarium cleaner, scraper, and siphon.
  • The Gravel-Vac is designed for removal of grungy waste, dirt layers, and debris while leaving the gravel bed at the bottom of your tank.
  • The easy to use self-starting siphon feature makes the Gravel Cleaner the perfect choice for routine maintenance changes.
  • The Unique scraper feature allows you to get below the gravel line, while the nozzle with scraper allows for proper glass cleaning.