Perfect Water 

Nothing but the best for your betta, right? Our scientifically proven 2 step water conditioner turns your tapwater into safe, clean and clear water for your small freshwater & betta aquariums. 

Betta Step 1:

Betta Step 1 conditions the tapwater, effectively neutralizing chlorine and chloramine. This conditioner has been specially formulated for betta fish and other nano freshwater aquariums. The Step 1 formula protects fins and reduces stress with aloe vera. 

Betta step 2:

Betta Step 2 consumes ammonia bacteria, reducing the level of nitrite and ammonia found in the water. This will help promote a healthy aquatic environment for betta's, plants, shrimp and other creatures found in a nano freshwater aquarium. Step 2 will keep your water looking cleaner, longer! Tip: Do not place betta tank in direct sunlight, this will cause algae to reproduce.