Avian Bird Flight Suit - Pisces Pet Emporium

A flight Suit and Bird Diaper All In One!

A fashionable and comfortable flight suit for your bird to wear, while having more peace of mind that your feathery loved one wont fly away. Super easy to clean and nice and breathable for your pet to lounge in. It is also a huge help with training your bird.


  • FlightSuits are cool, colorful, and comfortable.
  • Helps to socialize and stimulate your bird-spares embarrassment
  • Convenient Velcro fastener for easy on and off - Bird Safe!
  • Soft and stretchy, breathable lightweight fabric.
  • Non-restrictive design keeps wings, neck and feet free.
  • Works for hours. Easy to clean; reusable.
  • Economical and eco-friendly; saves drapes, shirts, and carpet.
  • Spares embarrassment.
  • As seen on National Geographic Explorer and Animal Planet.
Flight Suits are available in all sizes: Petite to XL.