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Cali's Pick - Silvervine and Catnip Toys

Today's staff pick comes from Cali! Cali is a knowledgeable and valued member of the Pisces family, working as a cashier, bird staff, as well as one of our animal care technicians!

We all know about Catnip, but we may not know about Silvervine. I know I didn't until she educated me on it! Silvervine is similar to catnip and it's even considered a more potent alternative to it! Silvervine originates out of Asia and with it's potency comes the perk of being more durable and longer lasting than Catnip. As well unlike catnip which only has one cat attractant property, it carries 2, so its a great alternative for cat's who are bored of, or never took interest in catnip. 

Cali calls Silvervine the fusion of Catnip and Honeysuckle due to it potency (catnip) and durability (honeysuckle). She also adds that its a bonus that many of the available toys are 100% Silvervine (branches and foliage) or mixed with catnip products!

If you have a picky or stressed out cat who just needs a nice mental and physical recharge that Catnip may not offer them, try out Silvervine today!