Caribsea African Cichlid Mix - Pisces Pet Emporium

Formulated For Cichlid Aquariums 

Finally a substrate designed specifically for the advanced cichlid enthusiast. This new formula is derived from a rare dark colored calcium carbonate which will not only maintain an exceptionally high pH and carbonate hardness but also discourage cichlids from fading into the background. A must for healthy, vibrant African cichlids. Caribsea substrates buffer to the highest pH and delivers more calcium, carbonate and trace elements than any other substrates for high pH environments like cichlid and marine tanks.


Keeps Water Crystal Clear - A unique combination of porousity and careful sizing results in extremely effective biological filtration.
A Superior Natural Buffer - Will resist the formation of harmful acid conditions. Eliminates the need for balancing pH through use of chemicals.
Provides Growth - Provides an excellent substrate for the growth of helpful water purifying bacteria.
Naturally Conditions Water - Will result in healthier fish showing brighter colors.

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