Cateco Odorless Litter Box - Pisces Pet Emporium

Convactive Technology 

The Cateco Litter Box, with its patent pending "Convactive" Technology, naturally eliminates humidity by allowing air to circulate through the litter area and prevents bacteria and fungus from proliferating and creating malodorous gases by halting the biochemical process that creates ammonia before it even begins. A dryer environment promotes clumps that are dryer, more compact and that use less litter. It also greatly reduces the need for complete cleanings (and considerable wastes of litter) of the litter box. Significant time and money savings. The odor-fighting Convactive Technology is passive and lets air do all the work, which means the Cateco controls odors naturally, without batteries or motors, without vibrations or noise and without potentially harmful chemical additives. The results are a verifiable odor-reduction of up to 86%.


  • Incredible odour reduction
  • Self-drying; making litter last longer
  • No plug or batteries required; works with natural air convection
  • No transition period for your cat; works with almost any type of clumping or absorbing cat litters
  • Made in Canada