Permanent Removal of Stains & Odors 

Caused by: cat spray, urine, feces,  vomit, hair balls, blood, dirt, grass, grease, red wine, coffee, tea, milk, mildew, ink, marker & more!


Stain Remover

  • remove excess solids or liquid with paper towel.
  • Saturate problem surface, allow to work for about 5 minutes if needed.
  • Blot stain and excess moisture with absorbent cloth.
  • For tough stains let sit longer and agitate with a stiff bristle brush.
  • Allow area to dry naturally.

Odor Remover

  • Remove excess odor causing solids or liquids with paper towel.
  • Saturate area and let sit for 10 minutes or more )urine stains on carpet can go into backing, pad and floor). 
  • Be sure to apply enough product to reach these areas.
  • Blot or whip excess moisture with an absorbent cloth. 
  • Allow to dry naturally.
  • If the odor still persists after the area has dried, the product was not able to reach the source of the odor. Re-treat the area, saturate with enough liquid to reach the source of odor. 

 Captures and Destroyers Odors!

Pisces Pro Eco-Green discourages pet re-soiling. Powerful yet safe and environmentally safe. Contains a proprietary formula of water, enzyme producing microbials, sophisticated non-soiling surfatants, and innovative rapid odor control technology. Readily biodegradable!