Molt Ease for All Birds

Ecotrition Bird Bath Spray with Mole Ease contains purcellin, a preen gland oil analog, lanolin and aloe vera. Ecotrition Bird Bath Spray conditions skin as well as softens and brightens plumage. When used on a regular basis, Ecotrition Bird Bath Spray relieves minor skin irritations and removes scales which cause scratching and feather picking. This products also prevents excessive molting to keep your best feathered friend in tip-top shape! 


  • Helps maintain vibrant plumage
  • Relieves minor skin irritation
  • Deep-cleansing action


Remove all feeding materials from cage. Hold sprayer bottle 12 to 18 inches from bird. Spray until birds feathers are thoroughly wet. Do not allow bird to chill. Keep away from cold, drafty areas. Allow enough time for bird to fully dry before roosting.